Decades of experience have led to this.


​​As an initiative of Porter-Leath, NEXT Memphis brings the passion and full expertise of Porter-Leath to our partners. For 170 years, Porter-Leath has served as the primary resource for local children and families. We’re also leveraging more than 20 years of expertise from running programs like Head Start and Early Head Start that directly support children, families, and teachers.

We’ve built a one stop shop to address the key challenges that centers and family day homes face in providing high quality early childhood programming. Next Memphis can;

Save directors time and money so that they can focus more on staffing and children.
We can offer services and technical assistance to amplify high quality education and best practices in the classroom and home.
We can equip childcare programs and staff with the tools needed to thrive without burnout.
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Why early childcare education? Why now?

Typical approaches to improving early childhood education have largely relied on siloed programming designed to address niche topics, rather than comprehensive, network-based support. The childcare industry also struggles with many deep-seated challenges we’re working hard to address:

  • Chronic lack of resources
  • Finding trained and dependable staff
  • Handling increased regulations
  • Balancing the cost of care with affordability for parents 
  • Staying current with best teaching practices
  • And many more

At virtually no cost to childcare programs, NEXT Memphis supports caregivers, children, and their families.

Elevating the quality and capacity of childcare centers
Leads to
Increased educational outcomes for children, Increased business sustainability for directors
Which leads to
More opportunities for parents to pursue education or employment, Increased school and life readiness for children, Increased professionalism and consistent support for early childhood staff
Candace Tate
Program Coordinator
Alicia Norman
Dr. Terri Oliver
Business Coach
TaWanda Payton
Education Coordinator
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