Shared services means shared success.

By building a network of support, private childcare centers no longer have to carry the burden of everything themselves and can have a full team dedicated to their success.

We know that running high quality child care is complex and takes a village. So, we are here to do our part in raising the next generation. We believe that supporting childcare professionals with a comprehensive system is the best way to support children and families.

Business Support
We provide support in business development, back office advising and management, human resources consulting, facility repairs, marketing to boost enrollment, and I.T. consulting. Outsource tasks to our team of experts and advisors to focus more on your business.
Classroom Resources
Our programs benefit from personalized coaching focused on best practices, positive teacher-child interactions, and early literacy enhancement. Teachers receive comprehensive coaching and training that includes assessments and curriculum implementation strategies. This holistic approach equips them with the skills needed to effectively use classroom data, understand student development, and implement effective teaching practices.
Community Services
We help families in every area of life, whether it is meeting exciting personal goals like buying your first home, or navigating a crisis such as homelessness or a loss of employment. We are here to walk hand-in-hand with families and childcare professionals to ensure that everyone has what they need to thrive.
Destination Education

"I love NEXT Memphis, the idea of leveling the playing fields across the board  between centers and the private or the public school system is great. It gives us all an opportunity to provide high quality childcare without breaking the bank and still making money."

Dream Academy Testimonial

“I absolutely love NEXT Memphis and am thankful to have partners in this work. It gets lonely at the top and trying to handle all things operation and curriculum/instruction gets difficult..”

Mr. Parker

"I am very pleased with the service and expertise; the Education team visits regularly to ensure our classrooms are maintaining quality staff and services."

A network of support for now. And for the future.

Every NEXT Memphis partner gets access to an entire network of support — without having to increase tuition or costs. This helps elevate everyone in the early childhood development community.
For Children
We help our partners foster safe and nurturing environments in which children can optimally grow. This leads to the healthy development of children who are kindergarten-ready educationally, socially, and emotionally.
For Families
NEXT Memphis works with each partner to ensure that every family has the resources, support, and bandwidth to engage proactively in the healthy development of their child. This can mean helping meet parents’ needs in order for them to be fulfilled in their own pursuits. This also enables directors to support their families without having to be a social worker or spend their personal savings to help families through challenges.
For Professionals
Working in early childhood education is demanding. That’s why we devote so many resources to lowering the stresses of teachers and directors while providing coaching, resources, and direct staff support needed to thrive. Our goal is to beat burnout and increase staff retention so professionals can spend more time focusing on children and families.
For Systems Leaders
The hallmarks of a high-quality early childhood education ecosystem include uniform leadership, elevated standards, and rigorous accountability. To that end, we’re helping increase compensation in the industry, fostering a more robust talent pool, and supporting regulations that further high-quality early childhood programming. This will ultimately help prepare children for school — and families for success — both now and for generations to come.
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